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The Ryan Glenn Band’s seamless blend of classic and modern have caught the attention of audiences across North Texas.

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Ryan Glenn may have just graduated from high school in May, but the Highland Village 18-year-old is already a rising star in the Texas music scene. Named one of NPR’s 20 under 20 North Texas artists to watch, The Ryan Glenn Band blends innovation and creativity with classic inspiration.

Vintage Inspiration

“My two biggest heroes are the rock and roll pioneers Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly,” says Glenn. “They both strived to be different in a world full of musical copycats and to create their own sounds in a scene where originality lost its value. They were also both around my age when they started, so I can really relate to them. There’s never been a truer song than ‘Summertime Blues’!’”

With his ’50s style, crooner vocals and rockabilly sound, Ryan Glenn brings the best parts of the retro music scene to modern day Texas, and in doing so, honors the rock legends who changed the music scene long ago.

“My favorite part of making music is paying tribute to those who have come before me,” he says. “A lot of my favorite artists aren’t around anymore, and if they’re not around to keep their music alive, then it’s up to the younger generation — all the ones who still appreciate them — to do it on their behalf. While I very much have my own style in my music and sound, it’s always important to never forget your roots.”

A Foundation for Success

Music has been a part of Ryan’s life since he was very young. His parents, both of whom are professional musicians, bought him a guitar and brought him along when they did radio tours. With their support, Glenn has been able to pursue his dreams.

“I’m very fortunate in the fact that I’ve grown up around the music industry,” says Glenn, “but until you’re trying to do it yourself, there’s so much you don’t realize. It’s not like the movies; I’ll definitely say that. There’s a lot more work and moving pieces involved than you would ever expect.”

The band recorded their first music video for their single “The End” using footage from around the city of Denton. “I really wanted [Denton Square] to be a focus of the video because it — well, Denton as a whole, actually — really represents what I stand for,” says Glenn. “It’s one of the only places I’ve ever been where old and new blend so seamlessly. Music is a part of everyday life, and the history of the city wants to be remembered, not forgotten. It’s really a beautiful thing. Not to mention that I am a proud Denton County resident!”


“If I had to identify the most important lesson I’ve learned, I’d say it’s to always be grateful for every opportunity, because every opportunity will lead to another,” he says.

So while the pandemic has been difficult for performers and artists, Glenn has managed to find — or rather, to create — opportunities, even during these tough times.

The Ryan Glenn Band headed to the studio in May to record their first full-length record. The album, which should be out in early 2021, was produced by John Pedigo and features all-star Texas guests like Ken Bethea of Old 97’s and Kevin Geil of Two Tons of Steel. The band’s next show, as of this writing, is September 13 at Love and War in Plano.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Glenn

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